Cancer is a scary word. But when you know all the facts, knowledge and understanding can reduce the fear. Find out everything you need to know about cancer and its effects...

Cancer Chemotherapy

Cancer patients usually rely much on the most popular type of cancer treatment, the Cancer Chemotherapy.  However, a lot of them are also afraid to undergo Cancer Chemotherapy due to the reports of pain and other undesirable side effects of the treatment.  Nowadays, due to technological and medical advancements, the side effects are now tolerable and easy to manage.  Cancer Chemotherapy is thought to be the best option for curing cancer but its success rate will still vary on case to case basis.

How Cancer Chemotherapy Works

Cancer Chemotherapy is a treatment plan that aims to destroy the cancerous cells in the body.  The chemotherapy medicines can be delivered intravenously, injected through a body cavity or be ingested in the form of a pill or tablet.  Cancer Chemotherapy is very effective in killing the cancerous cells however; it is not capable to distinguishing the healthy cells and the damaged cells.  While it is able to quickly kill rapidly multiplying cancer cells, it can also kill the rapidly multiplying healthy cells in the body, like those of the hair and blood.  Experts in the field have now developed different Cancer Chemotherapy medications that aim to kill specific cancer cells basing them on the growth patterns of the cells.  Each drug is different so it is best to talk to your medical oncologist on which one is fit for your type of cancer.

Effectiveness of Cancer Chemotherapy

Prior to getting Cancer Chemotherapy treatment, it is important to realize the pros and cons of it and be educated about the whole procedure.  Talk to your doctor about the possible outcomes of the cancer treatment, its long term complications, and the side effects that you might encounter.  Remember that each case of cancer is different so what you may read in the news, journals, magazines, articles or books, are just scratching the surface of the disease. A dialogue with your doctor is important in determining the effectiveness of the treatment.

Side Effects of Cancer Chemotherapy

Just like in any treatment, especially for cancer, Cancer Chemotherapy also has side effects that each patient should be very aware of prior to signing a waiver for the treatment.  Cancer Chemotherapy is known to have very salient and quite undesirable side effects and complications such as:

  • Low blood cell count
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of hair
  • Fatigue

There are patients who have reported that the side effects that are enumerated above only happen during the course of treatment and may quickly go away after a while. However, there are also patients who may have low tolerance for pain and have reported the side effects to carry on even after the Cancer Chemotherapy sessions.  The medical oncologist has to be informed about the side effects that the patient experiences in order for him to adjust does and alter the schedule of the treatment sessions.  Fortunately, along with the Cancer Chemotherapy treatments, there are now proactive therapy sessions that the patient can undergo in order to effectively manage the side effects of the treatment.

Cancer Chemotherapy