Cancer is a scary word. But when you know all the facts, knowledge and understanding can reduce the fear. Find out everything you need to know about cancer and its effects...

Cancer Fighting

We all have to be aware of the cancer fighting food that is available in the market today in order for us to prevent the development of cancer.  It is without a doubt that exercise and healthy lifestyle will increase our chances of winning the battle against cancer but it is also good to look at which cancer fighting food is worth munching on.  They say that prevention is better than cure so here is a list of some cancer fighting food that should be present in your daily diet to ensure a healthy and cancer free lifestyle.


Beans have cancer fighting phytochemicals that can contribute to slowing down the genetic destruction of cells, making them cease mutation and multiplication.  Research has found that beans are particularly effective in lowering the risk for prostate cancer and the high fiber content of the beans can decrease the threat of digestive cancers.

Whole Grains

This should be an essential component of a healthy diet because it has a lot of cancer fighting compounds such as fiber, antioxidants, and phytoestrogens.  It is very effective in lowering the risk for having cancerous cells develop in the different parts of the body.


A lot of people love berries because of the combination of sweet and tart taste.  Now, you can continue consuming berries any time of the day because they contain cancer fighting compounds such as ellagic acid and anthocyanosides that act as antioxidants that prevent cancer cells from dividing and multiplying.

Cruciferous and Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Dark green leafy vegetables include lettuce, mustard greens, and Swiss chard.  Incorporating them in your daily meals will not be so hard.  You can eat a sandwich which the lettuce or steam broccoli with your main protein for dinner.  It is just a matter of being creative in cooking and switching up the vegetables every day so that you can have variety when you have your meals. Cruciferous vegetables can lower the risk for cancer in the lungs, stomach, colon, prostate and bladder.  Dark green leafy vegetables are known for lowering the risk for breast and lung cancer.


While flaxseed may not have that appealing taste that a lot of people want in their food, it is effective in decreasing the risk for certain cancers such as that of the breast, skin and lungs.  It comes in an oily form and contains phytoestrogens that are essential in doing its cancer fighting work.  At the moment, researchers are focusing on how they will be able to incorporate flaxseed in other food to make it more palatable to most people.

Green Tea

Green tea has been in existence for thousands of years and studies show that those who consumed green tea on a regular basis are healthier and have more vigour.  Why? Green tea contains flavonoids called catechins.  This substance is able to slow down the growth of cancerous cells most especially the ones found in the colon, liver, prostate and breasts.

Cancer Fighting