Cancer is a scary word. But when you know all the facts, knowledge and understanding can reduce the fear. Find out everything you need to know about cancer and its effects...

Cancer Biology

Cancer biology is the study of how cancer begins, develops and how it can be cured.  Cancer is an illness that is characterized by the quickly multiplying damaged cells that results to a mass of cells called polyps and then develops into a tumour. In the past few decades, researchers and scientists have dedicated their time and effort in trying to find the reason why cells become oncogenic or triggered to multiply uncontrollably.  It is essential to understand why cells become oncogenic in order to find the best cure possible for the disease.

Cause of Cancer

Researchers of cancer biology have deduced that cause of uncontrollable multiplication and growth of damaged cells are due to a specific DNA sequence that instructs the cells to multiply and never die.  This genetic fault is the main reason why cancer exists.  However, there are also other reasons why cancer is acquired by an individual such as cancer stimulants or carcinogenic chemicals and substances. Over the years, cancer biology researchers are looking into the various carcinogens in everyday materials and food that we encounter in order to look at their effects to the body with respect to the development of the illness.  Carcinogens are substances that alter the cells, most specifically their DNA structure, which causes them to replicate and multiply uncontrollably.

Complexity of Cancer

Cancer biology looks into the various facets of cancer in order to understand it better. Researchers and scientists have found out that cancer is a very complex illness especially when they tried to study the malignant tumours themselves.  The cells in the malignant tumour behave in a coordinated fashion as if they have their own microenvironment in which they actually thrive in.  With this, researchers thought that while the origin of cancer is still in its infancy in terms of cancer biology research, the actual process by which how the malignant cells multiply and converge where they are is still a big mystery.

Specific Biomarkers help Diagnose the Disease

One of the biggest products of cancer biology is the identification of biomarkers that are utilized for diagnosing the existence of the illness in an individual.  Samples of the affected tissues as well as the DNA of affected cells are examined in order to note if there is the presence of cancer.  These biomarkers such as proteins, increase or decrease in hormone levels, extraneous substances in the blood, and other evidences, have been deduced in the many research work that has been done in the last few decades.  Cancer biology researchers are still on the lookout for more biomarkers that can aid in early detection of the disease to help administer treatment as early as possible.

Cancer biology is a wide field of science that still has a vast frontier in the future.  There is still a lot to know about the disease and a lot more things to discover to aid in the treatment of the many people diagnosed with cancer.  It will still take many years to have a 100% success rate in curing cancer but cancer biology experts are doing their part in this.

Cancer Biology