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Tongue Cancer

If you're looking for more information regarding Tongue cancer, then this article will be of assistance to you. Specifically, we will be discussing the cause of tongue cancer, the symptoms of tongue cancer and finally the best course of treatment for tongue cancer. The tongue is actually made up of two separate parts. What most people consider to be the tongue I.E. the most prominent part that you can stick out is known as the oral tongue. The other part is known as the base of the tongue.

Cause of tongue cancer.

There is no clear definition as to the exact cause of tongue cancer. However, prolonged use of tobacco products such as smoking cigarettes and pipes are widely thought to be the main contributory factors to tongue cancer. Poor oral hygiene is another factor as is the sex and age of the patient. Males over the age of 40 are more prone to this than others. There may also be a genetic reason for this.

Symptoms of tongue cancer.

Spotting symptoms and signs of oral cancer are easier for the oral tongue as this is the part of the tongue that people can see quite easily. The symptoms may take the form of a lump or perhaps even a lesion on the tongue. You may also experience some pain when eating or speaking. Other signs to look out for are numbness or a change in your normal speaking voice due to some difficulty in moving your tongue. Look out also for any signs of bleeding from the tongue. Regular attendance at your dentist is an excellent prevention as early signs can be spotted by your dentist probably a lot more readily than you could yourself. Good oral hygiene will not only help prevent this but will spot the signs a lot earlier.

Treatment of tongue cancer

The treatment of the tongue cancer obviously depends on the type of cancer it is. As with most cancers, radiation therapy is commonly used. This is especially useful for the tongue as even a very small surgical procedure can cause problems. The removal of the cancer by surgical means is not inherently dangerous, however the main problem arises due to the effect it can have on the tongue itself. Even a very small alteration to the tongue can cause a lot of problems regarding swallowing and your speech. If you think of how you react when you bite your tongue and the change that has on your speech and perhaps even swallowing, imagine the impact that the removal of tongue cancer by surgical means would have. On any other part of the body, such a small procedure would be regarded as cosmetic and cause very little inconvenience however with tongue cancer this can be greatly exaggerated.


Hopefully by reading this article you are now more aware of the causes, symptoms and various forms of treatment for tongue cancer. Although this may be of assistance to you please note, that any concerns you may have to be immediately taken up with your GP. You should always approach your GP as soon as you have any signs as they will help put your mind at rest.