Cancer is a scary word. But when you know all the facts, knowledge and understanding can reduce the fear. Find out everything you need to know about cancer and its effects...

Cancer Cures

There are millions of Americans diagnosed with cancer every year. The figure is a staggering amount but even worse many people die of cancer because they are not familiar with the different methods that cure cancer .In order to cure the type of cancer that you have you need to find out from your doctor what approach is needed for your type of cancer.

Chemotherapy as Cancer Cure

Chemotherapy and radiation have long been the medical approach to curing cancer. The idea being that the dead cells will be burned off and destroyed. This procedure may take up to one year. The patient usually becomes violently ill during the procedure, losing weight and their hair. When it is for breast cancer the patient will need to have surgery to remove the breast. Later they can have a breast implant.

Chemotherapy treatments are used for other forms of cancer besides breast cancer. When the body has cancer in different areas like the lungs, or vital organs often radiation treatment is what is used to help kill those infected cells. This procedure can be very hard on a patient. The patient will get sick; lose weight, and their hair. The ending results are that the patient is cured of cancer left to live a long happy life. There is a percent of patients where this procedure does not work and the patient dies. The medical field is working on new medications that the patient with cancer can take giving them a much broader chance of survival.

Holistic Cancer Cure

The body is made up of cells that when they become sick divide and get full of free radicals. In order to cure those cells and rid you of all the free radicals there is a Holistic approach. You can start by riding your body of the impure things that have entered it and replacing with wholesome food items that will help to cure you. In order to use the Holistic cancer cure approach you need lots of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in your body. There are fruits and vegetables that work hard to clean up your bowels making your GI track much healthier.

When you are taking the Holistic approach to curing your cancer, you need to be aware of how foods work in your body. First thing is to remember to avoid Trans Fatty Acids because they have inflammatory agents that are very bad for cancer patients. Things found from fried foods, pastries, cookies, at the fast food restaurants are all harmful to the cancer patient.

Instead, concentrate on eating things that contain Omega-3 fats because Omega-3 will slow down the growth of any tumor. Omega 3 attacks the pain and reduces inflammation while helping to increase your immunity. Things like fish, flaxseed, and nuts are good Omega-3 foods to consume.

Vegetables and Fruits are very important part of helping your body to mend and protect you from free radicals. The Holistic approach has proven to be very successful in the fight against cancer for many people.